You Can Observe a Lot Just By Looking

Smarter than the average berra

There was snow last night. Plenty of it. Not wishing to lose the opportunity to walk on a blank canvass, I woke early and was out of the door just before sunrise. I usually meet dog walkers, but this morning I only saw one lady walking her black Labrador. Thereafter, I set the trail for others to follow serenaded by wrens, tits, robins and chaffinches, the nearby motorway silenced.

Towards the end of my walk, I spotted our resident kestrel. I stood underneath the tree she perched atop and enquired whether she had eaten this morning, conditions being inclement. Looking in excellent condition, I suspect she wouldn’t suffer if her hunting went unrewarded today.

Whilst we conversed, a honking from the skies. We both looked eastward.

“That’s a large skein of geese flying in the sky.”

“Too much tautology”, said the kestrel as she eased into the chill air.

I cogitated homewards.