Resolutions, Part Deux

My creative redux

With the passing of time and the deadlines of the film producers a long distant memory, the director gets to release the version of the film that they initially intended the audience to see. The Redux.

I too give you my redux. I failed all four published resolutions - very much a box office bomb. If I re-cut and re-edit them, the box office receipts may well be a little kinder.

- Write every day, either electronically or by hand, however few or many words that may be.

- Publish at least two pieces of writing every week. One long (>1000 words) piece and one short piece.

These two remain unchanged. I have not met either resolution, as the next resolution took up most of my productive time. They remain fine resolutions, and I intend to meet them as best as I can.

- Migrate this blog to personal hosted site, such site being coded by myself during January 2021.

I changed my mind on this. I discovered SubStack. Writing and editing has taken a back seat as I migrated from Blogger and re-styled the posts to SubStack’s newsletter format. Excited to have jumped over and it has opened a new direction to take my writing. I still need to work on my personal site, though that’s not so time sensitive now.

- Read fewer ~~and better~~ novels.

Though I gave the world PSMART, this was a far from PSMART resolution. Based upon my current reading speed, I’m on schedule to read over 100 books this year. So rather than fewer, I will only now commit to reading better novels. My measure for better being a rating of 3.75 or greater (with over 500 reviews) on Goodreads. Last year my personal rating average for the books I read was 3.35. Hopefully, the Goodreads hurdle will improve the quality of what I read.

I’ll check back in a couple of months to update on how well I’m sticking to ‘Resolutions: Redux’.