Larry the Lyricist III

Lolloping landlubbers!

More nonsense for your L’s and R’s from Larry:

Larry the lyricist launched a liner
That sailed the seven seas for fruit.
A vote on the boat by the crew caused chaos
As the day they freely chose to mutiny
The spice spies chose to board.
Larry the lyricist liked subtle flavour:
Ground ginger on his melon, divine.
But fruit not spice Larry’s liner carried
So a crew, spies and spice smoothie was whipped up.

You can listen to my good self reading it through:

Read it through a couple of times, then record yourself. Keep practicing it for a couple of weeks then record yourself again. Listen to that first recording and hear the improvement versus the second recording. It doesn’t take much: just get in to an English speaking frame of mind a few times each day, practice saying the rhyme out loud, then return to normal programming. Repeat daily. Post your before and after links below if you dare!