Larry the Lyricist II

Sponsored by the letters REVIL

Another nonsense verse tongue twister for those in need of exercising their Rs and Ls.

Larry the lyricist liked liver.
Loathe to hire a chef a recipe was purloined.
Light a fire the primary instruction.
“Well rake a lake,” chortled Larry.
“I must walk right along the long river and load up on wood.”
Would wood from the river forest light his fire?
If Larry gets this wrong then the liver will be raw.

You can listen to my good self reading it through:

Read it through a couple of times, then record yourself. Keep practicing it for a couple of weeks then record yourself again. Listen to that first recording and hear the improvement versus the second recording. It doesn’t take much: just get in to an English speaking frame of mind a few times each day, practice saying the rhyme out loud, then return to normal programming. Repeat daily. Post your before and after links below if you dare!