Larry the Lyricist

As sponsored by the letters R and L

An attempt at a nonsense verse tongue twister for those in need of exercising their Rs and Ls.

Larry the lyricist was a clothes horse.
A right euphonious equine if you please.
He travelled heavy and never light, by train and ship and never flight.
Upon each rarely ragged arrival he would request:
“Large paraphernalia, glad rags, pray where to leave?”
"Look left left luggage looms large," a response.
"Carry on waxing lyrical," neighed Larry squirrelling away.

You can listen to my good self reading it through:

Read it through a couple of times, then record yourself. Keep practicing it for a couple of weeks then record yourself again. Listen to that first recording and hear the improvement versus the second recording. It doesn’t take much: just get in to an English speaking frame of mind a few times each day, practice saying the rhyme out loud, then return to normal programming. Repeat daily. Post your before and after links below if you dare!